Save at your favorite restaurants, shops, and services!

Thousands of dollars in discounts!

People who use the Starving Student Card have access to thousands of dollars of discounts and freebies that can be used at many of your local businesses.

With hundreds of deals on your local card, there is bound to be something that you do in your daily life that you can use the Starving Student Card on!

Hundreds of Local Businesses

Starving Student Card Customer Reviews

Dillan M.

FREE! That’s the sound that screams in my head with excitement every time I use this card! I’m not a “Starving Student” lol, but I love saving money $$.

Rachel W.

It is great you have a site to buy from. This year I missed when the kids came by to sell them, but I was able to just hop on here and buy a card.

Jenna L.

This card saves my family tons of money, we always get it supporting Dixie! This is a stocking stuffer for all of our family members every year.

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